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Eqvista - Your Milestones

We have created these guidelines to walk you through the theory and explain how Eqvista can help you manage your shares.


We will be happy to assist you with any questions you have. We are available on the phone or through email. Just let us know!


Enjoy all the benefits of our system! Everything you need to know so you can use Eqvista like a PRO.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most!

What is Eqvista?

In short, the Eqvista platform helps you keep an eye on all that happens in the ownership of the company.

Does Eqvista support certificated and uncertificated shares?

Yes, Eqvista supports both uncertificated (electronic) shares and certificated (digital or paper) shares.

I've already issued paper certificates. Can I still issue electronic shares?

Yes, you can issue electronic shares if you have already issued paper certificates.

Is Eqvista for non-US companies?

Anyone in any part of the world can create a cap table on Eqvista, regardless of the country your incorporated in. You can choose country when you create a company profile on the Eqvista platform.


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